Herder games 1 & 2 Ticket Sales

Tickets for games 1 and 2 of the 2018-19 Herder Memorial will go on sale this Saturday, March 30th at the Jack Byrne Regional arena. The East Coast Senior Hockey League champion Southern Shore Breakers will host the Grand Falls Cataracts next Saturday night at 7:30 in game 1. The teams return to action the following day at 2:00 for game 2. Tickets are $20 adults and $10 for youth. Full Box Office Schedule: Saturday March 30th | 2-5:00pm Sunday March 31st | 2-5:00pm Monday April 1st | 11-2:00pm & 6-9:00pm Tuesday April 2nd | 11-2:00pm Wednesday April 3rd | 11-2:00pm & 6-9:00pm Thursday April 4th | 11-2:00pm Friday April 5th | 11-2:00pm & 5-8:00pm Saturday April 6th | 11-2:00pm Sunday April 7th | 9-12:00pm

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