The Clarenville Ford Caribous and the Avalon East Senior Hockey League are proud to announce that the Caribous will represent the AESHL in this year's Allan Cup in Dunas, Ontario!

The historic Allan Cup is the trophy awarded annually to the Canadian senior hockey champions. The Caribous are honored to represent the AESHL at the national level, and will travel to Dunas with a roster strengthened from the other AESHL teams.

Over the coming weeks the Caribous will release their roster and coaching staff. Caribous GM Ivan Hapgood said Tuesday that he has been working hard with each teams representatives to comprise a list of available players, "its a lot to put together in short time frame, guys have work and family commitments they need to sort out before they can commit to traveling out of province for a full week". Hapgood added he feels confident they can ice a competitive team, "the AESHL is stronger than ever, and we feel like we can put together a roster that will compete, even at the national level".

The team is set to travel on April 16th, and will place its first game Monday April 17th!